Help and Advice on How to Quit Smoking Forever

Help For You or a Loved One to Quit Smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States? With an increased chance of cancer, stroke, heart disease, and chronic obstructive lung diseases, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than non-smokers on average. There is help available and you can start enjoying the benefits of quitting today.

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7 Ways to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be a real challenge but there are alot of tried and tested tactics that you
can try that do work.

Put A Plan in Place

The first step in quitting smoking is to put a plan in place for quitting and think about the
reasons why you want to quit smoking. Maybe you received a lung cancer diagnosis and you
see this as a wake up call to change your bad habits. Or maybe loved ones are concerned for
your health and they have pleaded with you to stop smoking. Once you know your
motive for quitting smoking, you need to take action by eliminating triggers to smoke again
such as visits to the bars, hanging out in the break room on lunch breaks, and finding new
ways to relieve stress so that you're less tempted to smoke again. Read some books on tips to
succeed at quitting smoking and seek counseling if needed. Tell loved ones that you're quitting
smoking and get support from them.

Throw Out All Cigarettes

You should throw away all cigarettes you have and begin the process of quitting. Purchase
plenty of chewing gum because some medical studies have shown that gum helps in reducing
the craving to smoke. Purchase anti smoking patches and other over the counter solutions
designed to help smokers quit, and tell those you know not to buy anymore cigarettes for you.
Stay away from those who still smoke to curb the temptation to get cigarettes, and begin a
healthy eating plan that could curb your desire for smoking and heal the body from years of
smoking. While at work, throw your unused cigarettes away and on your lunch break, talk
with coworkers instead of smoking outside by yourself. Also throw away ashtrays and other
smoking memorabilia so that you won't have the triggers to tempt you. When you feel urges to
buy cigarettes, buy candy or juices instead.

Tell Loved Ones And Get Support

Tell your loved ones that you are quitting smoking and request encouragement and support from
them. Ask them to assist you in finding other things to do that will keep you from smoking.
Aside from your loved ones, join a support group where you can attend sessions that help you
in maintaining a smoke-free life. This is also an opportunity to meet new friends who are
experiencing the same struggles and who you can offer encouragement to in their battle to
be free from smoking addiction. If you have relatives who were former smokers, talk with them
and find out the strategies they used to quit smoking and never return to that habit. Your spouse
should know about the triggers that lead to temptation to smoke so she can create a home
environment that will reduce the appearance of those triggers for you. Tell your teenage
children that they cannot bring cigarettes in the home and that you need their help in
kicking your habit.

Find Other Things To Do

One good thing you should do is look for activities that take your mind off smoking cigarettes.
Take up a new hobby that is challenging and fun at the same time. For example, if you always
wanted to learn how to sew but you never got around to doing it, now is the time to start.
Visit a local community center where sewing classes and join the group. As you get better at
sewing, you can make alterations in loved ones' clothing and you can also create neat outfits
for them depending on the skills you acquired. If you're a service oriented person, visit a
homeless shelter and teach job training skills to the residents if the shelter offers this to
residents. Start a home based business for extra income using the talents you have. If there is a
cleaning project in the home that you need to work on, do the project over the weekend and get
the kids involved.

Manage Stress And Temptation To Smoke

The temptation to smoke comes from stress and here are some ways to relieve the stress. Do
some deep breathing exercises during the stressful times of the day, and sometimes it helps to
increase the number of times you eat and be sure to eat small and healthy meals. By eating
more during the day you reduce some of the stress and temptation to smoke. Another way to
manage your temptation is to put the money you would have spent on cigarettes in savings
and save up for long term goals. Think about how you wasted money as a smoker. Exercising
reduces stress levels and smoking temptations and reading a good book also helps. Call a friend
and talk about your temptation to smoke and go for a walk in parks that do not allow smoking.
Take a warm bath before bedtime as this puts you to sleep fast and you can get stress relief.

Deal With Relapses

With every addiction that people overcome, there will be relapses but the key is to not feel bad
and instead learn from those mistakes in order to progress towards freedom. First you need to
look at the factors behind the relapse and they include tiredness, boredom, frustration with your
spouse or children, work-related stresses, depression, overconfidence in your ability to quit,
and a sense of inadequacy. Once you found the source of your relapses you should meet with a
professional counselor to look for ways to avoid future relapses. Sometimes it helps to remind
yourself of the reason why you quit in the first place, and you can avoid the places that will
bring you back into a smoking addiction. Don't beat yourself up because even after a slip up you
can get back on track with support from others and anti smoking medicines.

Use E Cigarettes

E cigarettes are popular these days and they serve as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
E-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes because they do not contain the harmful ingredients
in regular cigarettes such as tar, nicotine, formaldehyde and a host of cancer causing chemicals.
With e cigarettes there is liquid nicotine that when smoked, it gives off a water vapor in the
air. Smoking e cigarettes is also fun because they come in flavors such as chocolate, lemon,
peach and strawberry. E cigarettes can be purchased at convenience stores and online, and these
cigarettes cost less than regular tobacco cigarettes. With e cigarettes you do not have to worry
about smoker's breath or having excess tar buildup in the lungs, making them black. You can
bring e cigarettes with you to work and there isn't the same stigma as with regular e cigarettes.

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